October 24, 2017

Visa Waiver Proposal!

Obama Visa Waiver ProposalPresident Obama last Friday submitted a visa waiver proposal of new rules streamlining the process for some illegal immigrants to remain in the country while they apply for citizenship. U.S. spouses would be able to file “Hardship Waivers” and the time to process them could be cut significantly.

Some of today’s headlines:

Some illegal immigrants with U.S. citizen spouses or parents would be allowed to apply for hardship waivers from the U.S. But Republicans accuse the president of proposing these visa waivers as a ‘backdoor amnesty.’


Several senior House liberals are cheering President Obama this week after his administration proposed new rules making it easier for some illegal immigrants to remain in the country while they apply for citizenship.

Immigration Reform will now move forward in significant, focused measures. Bypassing Congress altogether, President Obama is sure to win support for re-election, to make good, even if he was very late in doing so, on campaign promises to Hispanics — a huge and growing U.S. voting bloc that helped him win the presidency in 2008:

“The President deserves credit for setting in place another essential building block through administrative action — moving us closer to a common sense immigration policy — that puts America, its families and its economy first,” Rep. Xavier Becerra (Calif.), vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said Friday in a statement.

Will his visa waiver proposal actually help him though? Hispanic members of the GOP in Florida don’t think so.  This visa waiver proposal seems pretty transparent to them.  But if they consider who was actually in Obama’s way when he failed to deliver, they’ll perhaps be able to focus their power in the way that it should be, instead of sabotaging their true aims.

Here’s a video from the White House:


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