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THE H1B GUY PRESENTS LIVE: Richard Alman, Owner and Operator of



This was a great interview between “The H-1B Guy” and Mr. Richard Alman, founder of Recruiter Networks.

I really like this channel as it’s quite informative, and really glad to see folks like The H-1B Guy and GMI Rocket in our sector stepping into the live streaming and related technologies.

If you’d like more information about Recruiter Networks and / or The H-1B Guy, here’s some info below:

Richard Alman, Owner/Operator


Richard on GMI Rocket Show with Roman!

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H-2B Visas Increase and Portability




According to this article on Jackson Lewis P.C., by Jessica Feinstein

“To help employers dealing with labor shortages due to the limits on H-2B temporary, seasonal visas, a new rule published by the Department of Labor (DOL) increases the H-2B numerical limits. DOL also released a rule that allows H-2B nonimmigrant workers already in the United States to begin work immediately with a new employer after an H-2B petition has been filed if it is supported by a valid Temporary Labor Certification (TLC) received by USCIS even if it is not yet approved.

The new rules do not apply to employees who are continuing to work with the same employer. Those employees are not “portable,” instead they are entitled to keep working for up to an additional 240 days if the extension of stay was timely filed.”

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