October 24, 2017

Limbaugh Killed It In 2007

So this is interesting, I read this blog article on the Thinkprogress.org blog about a “study” done by the Project for Excellence in Journalism that showed the causes and effects during Bush’s FAILED immigration reform, and apparently one of his own camp had more to do with it than anything else.

Check this out, and definitely read the full article. It covers an interview between Bush and Limbaugh.  That’s like Darth Vader and Emporer Palpatine catching up.  Or if you are their fan, it’s like Batman visiting Robin for tea. Hey that’s a good pun LOL.

Long before right-wing pundits were ludicrously attacking Democrats’ attempt to pass the DREAM Act as “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants, they were lambasting former President Bush’s attempt to enact comprehensive immigration reform with the same “amnesty” smear. In fact, a study by the nonpartisan Project for Excellence in Journalism released in 2007 found that “[o]pposition from key talk radio and cable TV hosts helped kill the immigration bill in Congress.”

Does this show that the people who follow the Republican party might not even really be viewed as peers by the actual politicians?  There is indeed a gap in the current political stances of the Tea Party and the Republican Party.  This underlines it further.  Basically you’ve got one set of folks being even more zealous than the original party.

The article also notes:

In 2005, Limbaugh “spent months denouncing the proposed legislation” as “amnesty” or even “shamnesty,” and said Bush’s emphasis on reform over border security threatened “our sovereignty.” “The bottom line — you know it and I know it — is they want this amnesty,” Limbaugh explained. In early 2007, he warned Republicans that pushing immigration reform would lead to “the marginalization, if not the destruction, of the Republican Party.” He also said that “beating back [the] amnesty bill will be great for [the] conservative movement.”

As I said before, check out the article, it’s got some good links.  I actually like this blog and am going to follow it for a while, it seems like it’s well put together and the topics are of deeper interest than what I’m used to seeing on the net.  I like the color-coded “what we are about”, interesting little widget they should make ‘link-able’ because if you think about it, you could really do a lot of interesting ‘aggregation’ of news and political thought.

It also turned me on to this site:  Project for Excellence in Journalism

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